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Taiwan Tech Students Excelling at WORLD SKILLS 2017 Venture out to the World for Internships and Training
Taiwan Tech electrical engineering student Tsai Yu-Chi, winner of the gold medal in at the 44th World Skills Competition, Electronics Section
Taiwan Tech electrical engineering student Tsai Yu- Chi is not only the proud winner of a gold medal at the 44th World Skills competition, 2017 in Abu Dhabi – he is also as one of 12,000 TAIWAN TECH students who gained a grant from the Ministry of Education to intern abroad during his summer holidays. Tsai stayed 3 weeks at a research lab at University Dortmund where he was working with German peers on sensor systems for public buses to measure environmental data. After that, he joined Kitchbot, a Taiwanese firm in the US, to work on a project in hardware circuit design.  
With 29 participants, Taiwan Tech students formed the biggest group within the Taiwan World Skills team 2017 winning numerous medals and awards. The biannual World Skills is the most important international competition in the field of professional skills. The Taiwan Ministry of Education which is increasingly stressing the importance of vocational, does not only support the participation in the World Skills competition, it also encourages former World Skills participants to follow up on their experiences by offering generous grants of max 50000 NTD for internships and training abroad. 
Taiwan Tech students who had joined the World Skills team 2017 went abroad for internships and training with Ministry of Education grants. Deputy MoE Minister Yao Leeh-Ter (third row, sixth from left), next to Taiwan Tech president Liao Ching-Jong. 
27 Taiwan Tech students, who had joined last year’s or previous World Skills events, grabbed the opportunity and ventured out to Europe, Australia, the US and Japan to spend their summer holidays 2018 with internships, trainings and courses at companies or universities. Mostly organized by themselves, they spent several weeks abroad at different placements, some of them travelling to three or four countries to join courses, internships or practical training at companies. Like Tsai Hi-Peng, gold medal winner in plaster technology at the 42nd World Skills, who went to Japan, England, Germany and Hungary to for training, and courses in his field. It is hard to imagine a better way for a student and skills enthusiast to spend summer one’s summer holidays!
Author:  Stefanie Eschenlohr, Office of International Affairs, Taiwan Tech
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