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Students from Five Countries Participate in Taiwan Tech’s Startup Bootcamp
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Organized by Taiwan Tech, the New Southbound summer camp “Be Young! Beyond! Startup Bootcamp,” which offered a series of entrepreneurship courses, attracted the interest of nearly 200 students from countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. 60 of those 200 applicants were admitted and then divided into groups for a presentation competition. At the end of the program, the winning group would receive follow-up mentoring resources for entrepreneurship.
Taiwan Tech President Liao Ching-Jong stated that Taiwan Tech has enrolled the largest number of international graduate students in Taiwan, most of whom are from New Southbound countries. Many outstanding students from these countries were chosen to participate in this startup bootcamp. Three groups will be chosen to be awarded prize money at the end of the camp, and the winner of the 1st prize will receive follow-up mentoring services as well as a discount on incubator work space
Many experts from industry were invited to teach in this week-long program, which included courses of particular value to business startups, such as design thinking, business model building, market analysis and marketing strategies, product development and prototypes, as well as training in fundraising presentations. Startup teams fostered by Taiwan Tech were also invited to share their successful entrepreneurial experiences, helping students understand the latest developments in industry.
Evelyn Yang, a student from Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia, came to Taiwan to participate in the startup bootcamp. She said that Indonesia can learn from Taiwan’s economic development experience, and that she was delighted to have the opportunity to come to Taiwan to attend the courses. In addition to learning about marketing analysis and strategies as well as effective communication with consumers, she also looks forward to starting a company and creating job opportunities in Indonesia. Arief, an Indonesian student in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Taiwan Tech, mentioned that he plans to stay and work in Taiwan after graduation. Although he will not necessarily start a business, he is looking forward to acquiring knowledge related to entrepreneurship.
Wang Chia-Wei, a student of design at Taiwan Tech, said that he hopes to have the opportunity to start his own business in the future. Since he is not familiar with market analysis and marketing strategies, he hoped to learn more about them in the bootcamp in order to understand market operation modes and to know what kind of products are favoured by the market. Wang Chia-Wei said that his team members came from Malaysia and Vietnam. New ideas are often generated among people of different cultural backgrounds, and he thinks it’s another benefit of attending the camp.  
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