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Taiwan Tech Establishes Partnership with American Entrepreneurship School Draper University, Sharing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Resources

June 5th, 2018  11:16 AM  Wanted Daily

Li You-Shan


After having successfully invited Draper University, a school which focuses on teaching entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, to hold training courses in innovation and entrepreneurship in Taiwan last year, Taiwan Tech has recently signed an MOU with Draper University. In addition to gaining free access to the space and resources at Draper University, Taiwan Tech will also launch its Taiwan Tech Silicon Valley Center on the Draper University campus.


Draper University was established by famous venture capitalist Tim Draper. It is a well-known startup accelerator which offers all sorts of courses related to entrepreneurship, such as computer program design, law and marketing. By offering short-term intensive training courses, the school helps startup companies gain access to investment opportunities or expand their businesses. It also offers opportunities for students to interact closely with famous entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. To date, Draper University has mentored more than 700 alumni from 76 countries and has helped launch over 300 startup companies.


President of Taiwan Tech Liao Ching-Jong said that Draper University is a well-known startup accelerator which is highly sought after worldwide. Last year the Taiwanese government also actively invited Draper University to expand its offerings to Taiwan to assist Taiwanese startup teams. Last year, Taiwan Tech successfully invited Draper University to hold its first international entrepreneurial bootcamp in Asia. The MOU signing between the two schools this year marks the beginning of a collaboration which it is hoped will bring more resources to startups in Taiwan and Taiwan Tech.


Liao Ching-Jong mentioned that in recent years, Taiwan Tech has been strengthening its international connections and extending international talent incubation. It has established the Taiwan Tech Silicon Valley Center in Silicon Valley, USA, which integrates Taiwan Tech alumni resources and sends selected teams for training in Silicon Valley. It is able to maintain close international collaboration with Draper University thanks to Taiwan Tech’s international incubation momentum and startup teams, which have received considerable attention. Hence, the Taiwan Tech Silicon Valley Center will be officially relocated to the campus of Draper University. The faculty-student startup teams and incubation businesses will have access to more entrepreneurial resources and be able to learn from other international startup teams.


Last year, Taiwan Tech invited Draper University to hold an innovation and entrepreneurship training program in Taiwan, attracting nearly 100 applicants. The courses include marketing, finance, investor relations, tips on briefing and so on. Participants acquired the knowledge and skills required for entrepreneurship through hands-on participation and simulation exercises. The lively entrepreneurial courses have allowed trainees to gain solid and substantial results. Draper University also provides scholarships for outstanding students to participate in summer entrepreneurship courses in Silicon Valley. In the future, Taiwan Tech will continue to cooperate with Draper University to hold innovation and entrepreneurship camps in Taiwan, allowing more people who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship to participate.


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