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First-Phase Screening Results for Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program Admission Announced: Student with a Full Score of 75 Applies to Taiwan Tech’s Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

March 29th, 2018  15:52 Wanted Daily


Li You-Shan

The results of the first-phase screening for the Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program admission were announced this morning (29th). According to the statistics from Taiwan Tech, a total number of 6,463 students took part in the school’s entrance examination this year. The admissions quota of Taiwan Tech this year is 374, with an average admission rate of 5.79% and an average score of 65.39 (out of 75). The average admission rate and exam score are slightly higher than those of last year.


This year a student from Shin Shing High School applied for admission to Taiwan Tech’s Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering with a full score of 75. There are two other students who applied to Taiwan Tech’s Department of Design and Global Development Engineering Program (GDEP), respectively, with a score of 74.


Taiwan Tech’s Global Development Engineering Program participated in the admissions process for the Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program for the first time. The GDEP Program is divided into Mechanical and Materials Engineering Divisions with a total enrolment number of 10. The GDEP puts emphasis on bilingual teaching, and the Japanese language is listed as a compulsory course. Students with outstanding performance have the opportunity of studying in Tokyo Tech and participate in tours and internships at local businesses.


Taiwan Tech has attracted high school students with outstanding performance on the entrance examination. This year, among those who passed the first screening, 1 student scored 75, 2 scored 74, and 26 scored 73 or higher (top 1% of all students participating in the College Entrance Examination). A total number of 197 students scored 70 or higher and 458 students scored 68 or higher (top 5%).


Taiwan Tech President Liao Ching-Jong mentioned that Taiwan Tech puts great emphasis on internationalization. Not only does the school enjoy the highest number of international graduate students among all universities in Taiwan, it also encourages students to go abroad by selecting large numbers of students for exchange programs or participation in overseas internships and laboratory exchanges. In addition, Taiwan Tech attaches importance to both practice and theory and cooperates closely with industry. It allows students to enter the industrial sector before graduation, making them well received by industry. Its high employment rate and international campus are the main factors attracting high school students to apply for admission.


According to Taiwan Tech, students who applied to study in the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Program of the College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science scored an average of 68.1, which is the highest among all the university’s interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programs. The second highest average score was in the University Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Program at 66,14. In terms of departmental performance, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering has the highest average score, at 70.9, followed by the Department of Electrical Engineering at 70.33. The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering are the most stable high-ranking departments at Taiwan Tech, which is closely related to industry dynamics and career prospects.


As for the number of students applying, the largest number of applicants this year goes to the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Program in Management, followed by the Interdisciplinary Program in Engineering. The number of applicants for Management is 1,790, and the number of available places is only 40, making the admission rate as small as 2.23%. This is the department which has the lowest admission rate this year.


According to the results of the initial screening, of all high schools in Taiwan, Cheng Kong Senior High School had the highest number of successful applicants with a total number of 123, followed by Taichung Municipal First Senior High School which had 74. The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University came third, with 60 successful applicants. In addition, 32 students from Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and 36 students from Taipei First Girls High School passed the initial screening.


Also worth mentioning is that the number of Cheng Kong Senior High School applicants who passed the first screening has almost doubled compared to last year. In the last three years, Cheng Kong Senior High School has been the school with the highest number of students who passed the first screening at Taiwan Tech. It is also the school with the largest number of students who have chosen to study at Taiwan Tech as well as the high school whose alumni make up the largest proportion of current Taiwan Tech students.


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