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Charity Economy Bears Fruit:Taiwan Tech Begins Selling Ethiopian Coffee


Wanted Daily

January 23rd  2018  13:05

by Li Yo-Shan


Under the joint collaboration among industry, government and university, Taiwan Tech and its partner “Charity Farm” launched “Charity Coffee” from Ethiopia on Taiwan Tech campus on the 23rd of January. Taiwan Tech President Liao Ching-Jong said that Taiwan Tech is the university with the highest percentage of international students in Taiwan, and the number of Ethiopian students accounts for as high as 90%. President Liao added that Ethiopia is the birthplace of world coffee, and that it is a great pleasure for the university to cooperate with its partner universities, Taiwan-Africa Trade Promotion Office (TATPO), Oklao Coffee Farm and Kooidea to kick start the “charity economy” on university campus.


Director Chen Guang-Zhe of Taiwan-Africa Trade Promotion Office said that there is a strong complementary relationship between Taiwan and Africa in terms of education, economy and trade. The exchange among university educators as well as working professionals is the best way to promote economy and trade. TATPO is to integrate the incentives provided by cross-governmental policies as well as the resources in industries and businesses. It will be initiated by TATPO, providing more nutrients to Charity Farm.


Director of Office of International Affairs Wang Men-Jiy pointed out that the essence of cross-national education is beyond theory. What is vital is to convey the care for society by means of practice. Ethiopian coffee is a testing point, and Taiwan Tech will put it into practice based on the concept of helping the socially disadvantaged.


Huang Bing-Xi, Chairman of Kooidea, said that the business mode of Charity Farm is based on the concept of profiting producers, sellers and consumers at the same time. Consumers are able to purchase products at fair prices; meanwhile, the socially disadvantaged can be taken care of as marketers provide feedback fund in proportion to the sales. National Taiwan University, National United University, National Chiayi University, Tunghai University, TzuChi University and Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology will follow the initiative of Taiwan Tech, selecting produces with their respective geographic advantages for sale on the market.


Chairman of Oklao Coffee Farm Wang Xin-Jun mentioned that the collaboration among industry, government and university is both transnational and cross-industry, which is also an effective motivation to propel the circulation of charity economy. The company is pleased that the scene of people enjoying coffee imported from its birthplace can be reproduced on Taiwan Tech campus. It also promises to do its best for Charity Farm in the matter of industry-university cooperation, assisting the Farm to become the foundation of start-up practice for university youths.

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