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Delivering Warmth in Winter: Taiwan Tech Students Volunteer to Repair Appliances in Remote Areas


Taiwan Tech’s Social Service Club took advantage of the winter vacation to provide service in remote areas. In addition to holding winter camps for young students, its club members also teamed up to repair household appliances for residents free of charge. They successfully repaired nearly a hundred appliances in as little as four days.


According to the press release issued by Taiwan Tech today, each year the school’s Social Service Club volunteers in remote areas during winter and summer vacations. This year a total of 38 students travelled to Dong-Ho Elementary School (東和國小) in Tianzhong Township, Changhua County for seven days and six nights of voluntary service. The students also organized all kinds of science experiment classes and taught children to assemble model aircraft, allowing them to experience the fun of DIY.


Apart from holding winter camps, Taiwan Tech students also organized a team to repair electrical appliances. They brought tools and parts of all sizes to Tianzhong Township and volunteered to fix appliances for local residents. During the four days at the point of repair, they successfully fixed 91 household appliances, including electric fans, rice cookers, dish dryers, ovens and toys. Nearly 70% of the devices were successfully repaired.


The leader of the repair team, Wu Zhi-Ching, stated that the elderly are often reluctant to throw things away even if they are no longer working because they cherish their possessions. Therefore, many of the objects that were sent to the point of repair were very old. However, in order not to disappoint these senior citizens, the team members did their best to repair everything. Both the residents and team members were very happy when an appliance was fixed.


Wu Zhi-Ching mentioned that there is a serious problem of out-migration of young people in the township; therefore, the local people were excited to see the arrival of university students. Even though there were times when things could not be fixed, the locals would not mind at all. One lady even chatted with the team members all day long and invited them to visit the township again. The team members were very touched by the friendliness of the local people.


Team member Tsai Yi-Xuan pointed out that once they received a request to fix an antique karaoke mixer. The team spent an hour studying and cleaning the interior of the machine and also changed the parts of the switch. Finally the machine was successfully repaired, and its radio function was also tested. The owner of the karaoke mixer was very happy that the machine was given a new life.

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