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16 CEOs of Enterprises from ASEAN Arrive at Taiwan Tech as Students

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Taiwan Tech announced the official establishment of its “Singapore EMBA.” The program launch ceremony took place this week. 16 CEOs from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong will come to Taiwan to officially attend the courses. (photo: Taiwan Tech)


Taiwan Tech established its Singapore EMBA program this semester, widely recruiting ASEAN corporate elites from countries such as Singapore and Malaysia to study in the master’s program in the hope of expanding its education outreach to talented management personnel in countries to the south of Taiwan. 16 CEOs from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong will make the trip to Taiwan for the express purpose of attending the courses.


President of Taiwan Tech, Liao Ching-Jong, stated that Singapore is an important hub of global finance and logistics, and serves as a critical outpost for foreign corporations to expand into Southeast Asia. Taiwan Tech recognized the demand for management programs taught in Chinese among Chinese-speaking businesses, and was Taiwan’s first university to set up a management program in Singapore. Taiwan Tech was also the first to create a master’s level program with this EMBA, hoping that through reinforcing the connection between Taiwan Tech and the corporate world, Chinese businesspeople in Singapore could learn more about the management models of Taiwan and apply diverse strategies targeting Southeast Asian markets.


Dean of the School of Management Pin Luarn points out that the Singapore EMBA includes 10 high-level management modules, covering a wide array of areas such as human resources, strategies, information, and finance. Strategies and management to create competitive advantages, along with innovative tactics, technology, and services are also incorporated into the program in addition to specific case studies which will allow for deeper exploration into the subjects. These courses are designed to assist CEOs in managing a variety of enterprises.


What is notable is that the Singapore CEO program has developed a transnational/international mobile learning model. In addition to on-site learning in Taiwan and Singapore, online learning is also included, extending across borders into places such as China and Sri Lanka.


Managing Director of Party World KTV in Singapore, Eric Chan, shares that he came to Taiwan 20 years ago to learn about the operational strategies of Taiwanese chain businesses, adding that the management model in Taiwan has a lot to learn from. He has come to Taiwan once again to receive further training, hoping to acquire more insight into the management and operational styles of chain businesses in Taiwan.


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