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Smart Meter Allows Easy Control of Electricity Use: Start-up Mentored by Taiwan Tech Selected to Visit Silicon Valley
Instant News, Liberty Times
By simply hooking a “Green Smart Meter” gently onto electrical appliances, you can know how much electricity is being consumed! 3Egreen, mentored by Taiwan Tech’s Business Incubation Center, is one of the start-ups selected for a sponsored visit to Silicon Valley by the Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) this year (2017). 3Egreen received a stipend of US$30,000, and Taiwan Tech’s Business Incubation Center was awarded NTD1,000,000. They are now the start-up team and incubation centre within Taiwanese tertiary institutions to have received the highest amount of subsidies.
Taiwan Tech President Liao Ching-Jong stated that 3Egreen is an excellent company which has been mentored by Taiwan Tech’s Business Incubation Center. In recent years, 3Egreen has won numerous awards and was subsidized by Taiwan Tech this year to visit the Taiwan Tech Silicon Valley Center, which brings together local alumni resources and organizes exhibition opportunities in the United States. Being selected by the Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center to receive an award of US$30,000 will enable 3Egreen to make use of the Silicon Valley Center’s resources to further expand into the US market.
3Egreen CEO Wu Ren-Zuo said that the most outstanding feature of the Green Smart Meter is its capability to be installed inside a large number of buildings at extremely low cost in a simple and convenient manner. The daily use of electricity can be easily managed and reported using digital data. For appliances as small as smart phones, air conditioners, or refrigerators to the large machines in factories, the status of electrical cables can be managed in real-time with the Green Smart Meter, which can also detect the danger of overheating. Without the use of electricity, it only needs a bluetooth connection to transmit the digital data to smart phones and websites in the cloud.
Wu Ren-Zuo also mentioned that in general, it is a complex task to monitor and manage electricity usage for every power line and electrical device. However, with the Green Smart Meter, one can get a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of electricity usage, issue warnings, or better allocate and plan the use of electricity. Presently, this system has been implemented in factories, laboratories, communities and hotels in Taiwan, China, Singapore and Thailand. With the help of Taiwan Tech, the system will be marching into the US market.
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