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Global University Employability Ranking: Taiwan Tech Ranks at No. 65, No. 11 in Asia
Times Higher Education published “The Global University Employability Ranking 2017” on Nov. 16. Taiwan Tech is at No. 65, first among the four Taiwanese institutions that made their way into the ranking. (Photo: Taiwan Tech)
Times Higher Education published the “The Global University Employability Ranking 2017” today (16th of November), with California Institute of Technology at the top of the list and Taiwan Tech leading among Taiwanese institutions at No. 65. National Taiwan University is ranked at No. 122. 
The survey was conducted as a cooperative project of Times Higher Education and human resources consulting companies for the purpose of understanding which of the 150 ranked universities in 33 countries around the world produce graduates who are more likely to be recruited internationally by corporations. The results today indicate that graduates from prestigious American universities are still in higher demand, with seven out of the top 10 universities from the U.S.
The top 10 universities in the Global University Employability Ranking are: California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, Boston University, Stanford University, Technical University of Munich, University of Tokyo, and Yale University.
Four Taiwanese universities appear on the list, including Taiwan Tech, ranking at 65; National Taiwan University at 122, National Tsing Hua University at 136, and National Chiao Tung University at 144. Taiwan Tech moved up eight places compared to last year’s ranking, and both National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University climbed up five places. National Chiao Tung University did not make it on the list last year.
In terms of Asian institutions, the top 10 universities that appear in the ranking are: University of Tokyo (9), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (12), Peking University (14), National University of Singapore (16), Tokyo Institute of Technology (19), Indian Institute of Science (29), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (30), Fudan University (38), Tsinghua University (Peking) (55) and Kyoto University (63).
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