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Short-term Programs
What is a laboratory internship?
The Taiwan Tech lab internship program is designed for students from abroad who are interested in doing short-term research work in Taiwan Tech. This is a non-degree program, providing researchers opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects, to make contributions to a field that the researchers care about, to enhance researchers’ competitiveness, and to collaborate with other international researchers. Click here for more information. 
What is a Post-Doctoral Research Program 
The Post Doctoral Research Program is designed for an international doctoral alumnus from Taiwan Tech who presently holds either a teaching position in a public or private university approved by foreign governments, or a research position in an academic organization. Click here to find out moe. 
What is a AUIA International Summer School? 
NTUST International Summer School is hosted by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) and AUIA International Summer School Platform. Established in 2011, AUIA International Summer School Platform is one of the most reputable summer school brand in the Greater China Area due to its strict academic standards, outstanding faculty members and zero failure rate in credit transfer as well as a rich variety of extra-curriculum activities. Its mission is bringing the most authentic American college atmosphere and high quality classes to Asia.
There were hundreds of students from all over the world participated in NTUST International summer school in the past years, including college students and high school seniors, who plan to go to North America for their college study. Students of NTU Triangle School Alliance (NTU, NTNT, NTUST) are also encouraged to participate the program. Credits earned through the program will be included in curriculum for the participated undergraduate students’ degree requirement.
2017 NTUST International Summer School will be running from July 3, 2017 to August 4, 2017. The program will include 22 entry level liberal arts and sciences courses and business courses. Each class will be 72 credit hours, including lectures, office hours, TA sessions as well as field trips. All of the professors will teach their courses strictly according to their course syllabus, which are available on AUIA official website. At the end of the program, all of the grade reports will be evaluated by NTUST admission office and the official transcript will be sent from the university to students’ home universities directly.
NTUST International Summer School provides opportunities to students for not only earning credits through studying, but also exploring local culture and experiencing a different type of college life. Extra-curriculum activities include ice breaking parties, weekend trips, volunteer opportunities and guest lectures. NTUST International Summer School hopes to create a once-in-life kind of memory for all of its students while contributing to their academic curriculum.


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