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On-Campus Dormitories
2nd Residence Hall 15 floors, with 14-17 rooms on each floor and 6 persons per room.
3rd Residence Hall 11 floors, with 14 rooms on each floor and 5 persons per room. 
Facilities Location Remarks
Air-conditioner One per room Student pays for electricity used by the A-C
Large rack for drying clothes One per floor  
Washing machine, Dryer One set per floor NT$ 5 per use
Lounge  Each residence hall will have one lounge Provides newspapers and television
Study Room 1st floor of each residence hall, (the 1st Residence Hall is in the basement).  
Bathroom Each floor has a public bathroom. In 3rd Residence Hall and the girls' dorm, each room has its own bathroom.  
Length of stay in the dorm for international and overseas Chinese students
Undergraduate Students Top Priority in First Year Students
Master's Students Top Priority in First Year Students
Ph.D. Students Maximum 5 years

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Dormitory regulations please click here.

If students have any problems with dorm facilities, equipment, or other aspects of dorm life, please contact the staff in the Dormitory Management Center, located in the 3rd Residence Hall, 1st floor. 

For any type of emergency on campus, please use the following number:

(02)2737-6144 Dormitory Mangement Center 

0800-695-995 24-hour Emergency Hotline

Websites for house rental if you wish to find your own housing: Suggested area: NTNU, NTU, Gongguan MRT Station. Reasonable rate per person per month is between NT$ 7000- NT$ 14000, according to room types and location).


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