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42 Indonesian Universities Come to Taiwan for Higher Education Summit





Head of Indonesian delegation Dr. Rochmat Wahab(left) presents a gift to President of Taiwan Tech Dr. Liao, Ching-Jong(right). 
Source of photo: Taiwan Tech

The United Daily News, October29, 2014

The 2014 Taiwan-Indonesia Higher Education Summit was held in Taiwan Tech yesterday. A total of more than 200 Taiwanese and Indonesian education officials and university representatives participated in this summit. Indonesia sent its largest delegation of higher education officials to date to Taiwan to discuss education policies and university-industry cooperation between the two countries. Both sides have signed a memorandum of cooperation, enhancing substantive exchanges. 
Representatives from more than 60 universities in Taiwan attended the summit, including Taiwan Tech, National Taipei University of Technology, Tamkang University and more. A total of 65 delegates from Indonesia, including those from 42 universities, attended the forum. Indonesian higher education officials in attendance included delegates from the Directorate General of Higher Education, the Council of Rectors of Indonesian State Universities, and top universities of Indonesia such as Yogyakarta University, Bogor Agricultural University, and Surabaya Institute of Technology, among many others.
Director General of International and Cross Strait Education, Ministry of Education, Yang Min-Ling said that during the 2013-14 academic year, the total number of Indonesian students enrolled in short-term and degree courses in Taiwan came to 2,183. This makes Indonesia Taiwan’s fifth largest source of international students. 
Director General Yang also indicated that Taiwan has a very strong higher education system that is acknowledged by Indonesia. Since 2012, the Indonesian government has ranked Taiwan, Germany, Austria and New Zealand as the 4 major priority countries recommended for government-supported Ph.D. students. 
In order to attract more Indonesian students to further their education in Taiwan, Director General Yang declared that after one year’s effort, the application process for government-supported Indonesian students to study in Taiwan has been simplified. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed to the procedures, and is now awaiting approval from Indonesian officials. 
The President of Taiwan Tech, Dr. Liao Ching-Jong, stated that Taiwan Tech is the university with the most Indonesian students in Taiwan. An Indonesian Culture Exhibition is held each year to let these students feel the warmth of their homeland. Courses are also taught in English to help Indonesian students establish a seamless connection to their new learning environment, thus cultivating many top-performing students. After graduating, many of these students become the best “ambassadors” for Taiwan and Indonesia’s international relations. 
The President of the Indonesian Student Association in Taiwan Tech, Sabrina Wu from the Graduate Institute of Chemical Engineering, said that the learning environment of Taiwan is modern and rich in resources. In addition, since Taiwan is also an Asian country, this makes it easier to adapt to the culture than in American and European countries. Studying in Taiwan will also be an advantage when students return to Indonesia after graduation in search of jobs.


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