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Data Analysis Gives Rise to URL Shortening Revolution, Reaching Over 600 Million Views
Central News Agency
Mentored by Taiwan Tech’s Business Incubation Center, the startup team “PicSee” provides a URL shortening service to social networking websites. The website has attained over 600 million visits so far, with some of its frequent users being celebrities and cyberstars. It has also revolutionized URL shortening. 
According to Taiwan Tech, the Business Incubation Center’s teams have received a total amount of NT$1,350,000 under the “U-Start” funding program of the Ministry of Education, which aims at encouraging university graduates to start their own businesses. Among the teams, PicSee received the highest amount of NT$700,000 in the category of Service Industry. “Cupos” and “DIP Design” were awarded NT$350,000 and NT$300,000, respectively, in the category of Cultural and Creative Industry.
Co-founded by Taiwan Tech Department of Information Management alumnus Wu Cheng-Ho(吳振和)and his classmate, Fang Hsuan(方選), PicSee offers URL shortening services for operators of social networking websites to customize the titles and preview images of the links they share online. They can also play YouTube videos in embedded mode. Some of its users include Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrities Jay Chou(周杰倫)and JJ(林俊傑), cyberstar Tsai A-Ga as well as a number of famous YouTubers.
Wu Cheng-Ho and Fang Hsuan have devoted themselves to the development of PicSee. Since the end of 2015, there have been more than 600,000,000 visits to the website and network traffic growth of over 30% every month. Today, they are actively involved in market expansion in Southeast Asia and Europe. At present, the official website can be viewed in 10 different languages.
Another startup team, “Cupos,” creates instant graphic recordings of meetings and speeches. Massive and complex information can be presented in illustrations, which are more comprehensible than words and help the viewers remember what has been discussed. Since its initiation in 2015, Cupos has facilitated around 50 graphic recordings, with some of its collaborators including Microsoft and Roche.
The founder of Cupos, Rebecca Lu(魯美辰), mentioned that she has never enjoyed reading words. Her class notes were often composed of graphics, since she was only able to study when the notes were interesting. She stated that a graphic facilitator has to accumulate significant experience, which is why she was under great stress at the initial stages. To better cater to the needs of clients, she has to ensure sufficient communication and investigation. In addition to continuing her training, she exchanges ideas with graphic recorders from all around the world.
A Taiwan Tech Department of Design alumnus, the founder of DPI Design, Huang Fu-Long(黃富隆), has dedicated himself to the community development activities in his hometown Sanzhi(三芝)for three years. Last year he established DPI Design Co., Ltd., holding art and cultural workshops as well as after-school companion programs. He also collaborates with small-scale farmers in designing rural crafts in an effort to attract young people to come back and work in their hometown.
Huang Fu-Long said that Sanzhi has an abundance of art resources, but there are only elderly people and children left. He once heard a child saying that any job would be acceptable to him as long as it was not in Sanzhi. Overwhelmed by this remark, Huang Fu-Long was driven to create a better employment environment in his hometown.
To encourage young people to return to Sanzhi, Huang Fu-Long spares no effort to promote the development of local art and culture. He has held art and craft workshops to popularize bamboo handicrafts and Hakka blue dye techniques. He also plans to set up installation artworks, hold art weeks and promote rural crafts by collaborating with small-scale farmers. One example is that he bought unwanted water bamboo husks from farmers to produce paper and design unique lamps. It is his hope to share profits with farmers and create local employment opportunities. 
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