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Indonesian Entrepreneur Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir Awarded Honorary Doctorate

China Times

Taiwan Tech awarded Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir an honorary doctorate on the 21st of February. From left: Chairman of the Mayapada Group Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir, former Representative to Indonesia Chang Liang-Jen, Taiwan Tech President Liao Ching-Jong. (Image: Taiwan Tech)


Taiwan Tech is the tertiary institution in Taiwan with the highest number of Indonesian students. Recently the university awarded an honorary doctorate to Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir, who is the Indonesian president’s special envoy to Taiwan as well as Chairman of the Mayapada Group in Indonesia. Taiwan Tech hopes to inspire its students and faculty members with the story of Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir, who was born into humble circumstances but strived for high ideals as he created his business empire. The university also hopes that students can learn from his business entrepreneurship and philanthropic contributions.


Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. He founded Bank Mayapada in 1998. At present, the Mayapada Group has business subsidiaries in banking, real estate, hospitals, duty-free shops and media. Ranked as the 8th richest person in Indonesia, he is also a philanthropist who has established a foundation devoted to helping families in crises and improving health care. In addition, Dato’ Sir Dr. Tahir and Bill Gates signed a memorandum of understanding to each contribute US$100 million for health programs in Indonesia.


During this visit to Taiwan Tech, Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir also donated 10 billion Indonesian Rupiahs (approximately 23 million NT Dollars), which will be allocated to scholarships for Indonesian students studying in Taiwan Tech and to research grants for joint projects between Taiwan Tech and the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), enhancing academic exchange between Taiwan and Indonesia. President of Taiwan Tech Liao Ching-Jong mentioned that Taiwan Tech is the tertiary institution in Taiwan which has recruited the most Indonesian students. Many Indonesian graduate students have returned to Indonesia after receiving their masters and doctoral degrees to serve as professors or executives in technology and management, and a number of them have chosen to stay and work in Taiwan.


Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir shared his insights on becoming a successful entrepreneur. He believes that there are three key elements to attaining business success: the ability to create value, to give back to society, and to create business sustainability. Businessmen should not cause harm to others to earn profits, but they should create real value for their businesses with a good conscience and honesty.


He also encouraged the students that human life is about finding a center of balance between rationality and sensibility at home and work. Most importantly, this center of balance should be pointed upwards so that positive energy can be brought out, leading to a more successful life.


Taiwan Tech Indonesian Student Association President Achmad Maulidin (麻奧李) is a graduate student in the Department of  Industrial Management. He mentioned that the scholarship donation from Dato’ Sri Dr. Tahir is of tremendous help to Indonesian students. In fact, he made up his mind to study in Taiwan Tech due to the university’s world ranking and generous scholarships. He is now working on his Chinese, hoping  to remain in Taiwan after graduation and find a job related to logistical process improvement. 

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