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Charging Stations Installed by Taiwan Tech in Collaboration with Leading Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Tesla Motors
United Daily News
A university- industry collaboration has been launched between Taiwan Tech and Tesla Motors, America’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer. The picture shows Taiwan Tech students charging a Tesla car. Image by Taiwan Tech.
A university-industry collaboration has been launched between Taiwan Tech and Tesla Motors, America’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer. Six Tesla charging stations installed on the Taiwan Tech campus were put into official use yesterday. In addition to serving as chargers for Tesla cars, these stations will also become in-house training sites for Taiwan Tech students to access first-hand electric vehicle technologies.
Installed within Taiwan Tech, the six “Destination Chargers” reserved for Tesla cars are also the only Tesla charging stations to be found on a campus in Taiwan. One is placed next to the University’s main gate for demonstration purposes, while another will serve as a practice site for students, and the other four located inside the parking garage on the B2 level of the International Building are for public access.
Based on the different models, Tesla charging stations can be categorized into Superchargers, Destination Chargers, and chargers which can be installed domestically. Destination Chargers allow for a charge rate that will enable a car to travel 100 km for each hour of charging and are the most common among Tesla charging stations. 
Founded in 2003, electric car giant Tesla has led the world into the era of electric cars, promoting the use of sustainable energy. It opened its first flagship store in Taiwan in early September this year, making Taiwan the sixth base for dealerships in the Asia-Pacific region after Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macao and Australia.
The global electric car market has been expanding, said Taiwan Tech President Liao Ching-Jong. There are a number of departments related to the technology of electric cars in Taiwan Tech, including fields in electrical power and electronics, chemical engineering and energy resources, mechanical engineering and so on. The installation of charging stations on the Taiwan Tech campus marks the first stage of cooperation with Tesla; in the future, in-depth university-industry collaboration and research will be carried out to provide students with hands-on internship opportunities, so as to foster local people with expertise in electric vehicles.
President Liao added that it will be possible for Taiwan Tech students to intern or work in Tesla in the future. They will be able to diagnose car issues with professional technicians, learn about how Tesla operates in Taiwan, and delve into related technologies and operational challenges in the electric car industry.
Graduate student Li Gen from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Taiwan Tech said that his research interest is the energy storage of lithium-ion batteries, which are used in the majority of electric vehicles as energy sources. He is delighted to have obtained an early access  to Tesla electric automobiles and some of the latest technologies. 
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