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Campus Map


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1st Cafeteria (basement of Student Center)

Family Mart Convenience Store

Drink Stand Noodles and Dumplings Japanese Curry
Steak House  Anna's Kitchen Halal Food Pork Rib Rice
Korean Food  Breakfast Taiwan Food Buffet
2nd Cafeteria (basement of 3rd Residence Hall)
Book and Stationery Store Copy Center
3rd Cafeteria (basement of Classroom Building II
Chinese Pastries and Snacks 7-11 Convenience Store Stewed Delicacies Bakery
Vegetarian Buffet Steamed and Fried Dumplings General Buffet Shallot Pie
Japanese Food Hot Snacks Drink Shop
Faculty Cafeteria(beside Post Office)
General Buffet Fast-food & Noodles Tea-bar
Shop 1 (under the GYM beside the basement of the Student Center)
Barber Shop Photocopy Shop Sports Shop


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